Looking for a logo

I’ve always wanted minkhollow.com to have a logo, but I’m light on artistic skill. When I try to imagine something artistically original, I picture Homer Simpson with the empty thought bubble over his head… and then I move on to something else. There is no aha! moment. So I’m going to get some outside help.

Do I want an abstract symbol? Or maybe I want something that gives a sense of the woods, and the mountains, to give others the feeling I have when I think of Mink Hollow – inspired by a place in the Catskill Mountains, near where I grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York. Or maybe I want a manatee – my favorite animal. No, I’ll honor the manatee in some other way.

I’ll post some ideas when I have a few options, and then choose something – which I’ll then second-guess repeatedly, in my draining road-not-taken tendency to “what if?” every decision I’ve made, and try to think through how an alternative might have made things turn out differently. But that’s another post.